Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

Weekly training modules are based on the textbook: DIGITAL EVIDENCE & eDISCOVERY LAW PRACTICE IN NIGERIA by the Convener of the course Emeka Arinze Esq, LLM, M.I.T (info-tech), CBSP (Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional, CDEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst), CCI (Certified Cybercrime Investigator), CFP (Certified Forensic Professional).

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5 hours to complete
The Expert Witness Report. See Chapter 42 of the book for further reading

Generally speaking, when, for instance, a suspicious transaction is noticed in banks transactional databases, the need to engage a digital forensic examiner may be considered. Where this, is so considered, the engaged digital forensic experts’ role would be to examine the transactional databases with a view to advising the bank on any malpractice whatsoever. A report thereafter generated by the examiner is what is called an Advisory Report. The purpose of this report is to set out the expert’s opinion on matters within his expertise in relation to his instructions. The report may indict some of the staff for certain actions ranging from an unauthorised access to data tampering. Although this report may not have been prepared with a view to using same in court or arbitration, its recommendation, none the less enables the bank to decide what action to take.

If it is decided that legal action should be taken either to right the wrong by way of prosecution or to seek compensation, the chances are that an expert witness will be required to give evidence. In that regard, the expert will be required to produce an expert report.

The Focus of this Weekly Module

The key question in preparing the report is whether there exist strict requirements for a particular expert witness report format. Is it appropriate for counsel to have any involvement in the preparation and drafting of expert report? These questions are herein addressed, remain the purport of this weekly module.

Gains and Benefit

On completion of the lecture as espoused in the video, reading activity, quiz and assessment, you will be able to understand:

  • Content/Format of Expert Witness Report and
  • The Role of Counsel in Preparing/Drafting Expert Report
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