Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Law Practice in Nigeria

Weekly training modules are based on the textbook: DIGITAL EVIDENCE & eDISCOVERY LAW PRACTICE IN NIGERIA by the Convener of the course Emeka Arinze Esq, LLM, M.I.T (info-tech), CBSP (Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional, CDEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst), CCI (Certified Cybercrime Investigator), CFP (Certified Forensic Professional).

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5 hours to complete
An Overview of eDiscovery Development and Application in Different Jurisdictions and Nigeria. See Chapter 21 of the book for further reading

Modern business practices, driven by advances in technology, data analytics and the growing complexity of local, regional and global legal and regulatory frameworks are confronted with the global complexity of litigation, investigations, regulation, arbitration and compliance. In order to navigate these challenges successfully, corporations require the capacity to manage the mechanics of a dispute, such as electronic discovery, in the context of the various venues and jurisdictions in which that dispute occurs. “Global companies often have operational nuclei in various countries in order to leverage the local economies. Although the physical operations may be spread broadly in a geographical sense, some multinational corporations centralize their technology operations in series of data centres that may not be optimized for the nuanced and complex issues of cross-border e-discovery.

In this swiftly changing global environment, the type of legal system employed in a particular country impacts how eDiscovery is likely to be addressed. Litigation teams may face new challenges when an eDiscovery project crosses borders – from multilingual data and unique cultural norms to unfamiliar laws, regulations and data privacy practices. It becomes imperative that legal practitioners should develop an iron-clad international legal skill-set with greater understanding of eDiscovery practice in different jurisdictions. That is our focus in this weekly module.

Gains and Benefit

On completion of the lecture as espoused in the video, reading activity, quiz and assessment, you will be able to understand:

  • the United States of America model of eDiscovery;
  • the Canadian model of eDiscovery;
  • the United Kingdom model of eDiscovery;
  • the Australia model of eDiscovery;
  • the Singapore model of eDiscovery and
  • the Nigerian model of eDiscovery
6 Videos (Total 30 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz, 1 assignment SEE ALL
6 videos
The United States of America model of eDiscovery
The Canadian model of eDiscovery
The United Kingdom model of eDiscovery
The Australia model of eDiscovery
The Singapore model of eDiscovery
The Nigerian model of eDiscovery
1 readings
Module Guide
1 quiz
Activity - Answer a 30 min question & answer test
1 assignment
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