On-Site Training
On-site training for Corporations, Banks, Insurance Companies, Oil & Gas Companies, Prosecuting Agencies & Government Departments

From our extensive range of public courses we have a proven track record in delivering cutting edge practical skills training. At every training course we ensure that all our delegates are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to give their clients the best possible service. It’s with this background that we are delighted to bring to your attention our in-house training service.

Why train On-Site?

  1. Savings: The costs to your institution can be less than sending a large number of delegates to an open course.
  2. Convenience: Less time out of the office for your staff, with the timing and location of the training being completely up to you.
  3. Confidentiality: You can focus on potentially thorny issues that may be specific to your organisation which are best resolved in private with the expert guidance of our highly experienced course faculty.
  4. Variety: We can bring to you any of the titles we run on a public basis.

We conduct on-site training program in Cybercrime Investigation, Digital Forensics, eDiscovery & Electronic Evidence for the following institutions;

  • The Judiciary
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Banks & Other Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies & Parastatals
  • Law Enforcement & Prosecuting Agencies

For more information please call us at +234 816 290 7894
or email us at info@de-cfi.com.

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