The Digital Evidence, eDiscovery &
Information Security Training Institute
DE-CFI, a centre for research, knowledge and innovation is poised to deliver the necessary skills to Nigerian lawyers in the development and acquisition of the technical knowledge in meeting the demand of the critical domain of emerging eDiscovery and digital evidence. The outcome of this endevour will usher in the technical understanding of the admissibility of statements contained in a document and produced by computer as provided in Section 84 of the Nigeria Evidence Act, 2011 & the development of skills required for eDiscovery of documents in legal proceedings in Nigerian courts.

The training is demanding, but will be one of your most exciting and successful learning experiences if you are determined to invest the time and effort.


Welcome to Digital Evidence & Cyber Forensic Institute.

DE-CFI is the first Institute in Nigeria with global standards, approved by the Federal Government to chart the partway for Nigerian lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors & Legal Departments of Coroporations in Forensic Technology, Digital Evidence, Electronic Discovery otherwise known as eDiscovery & Information Security education in Nigeria.

It is premised on online education that offers a variety of courses on Forensic Technology, Digital Evidence, eDiscovery & Information Security in Nigeria.

It is an Institute developed by a group of certified forensic Attorneys dedicated to the education of Nigeria lawyers on Forensic Technology. Read more

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